The idea of keeping the memories alive of the early years of Drag Racing begin to take shape in 1986 after attending a Nostalgia Drag Race in Englishtown New Jersey. We were transfered to New Jersey in 1980 by TRW and I had not attended a drag race in over 20 years. I wanted show our 16 old son Lars, the cars I experienced while attending races in Southern California in the late 1950's through the mid 1960's. What really started me on this journey to preserve the early Drag News years was stopping by a Tee Shirt booth that sold nostalgia Drag Racing Tees and not finding a shirt of my favorite car, Tommy Ivo's Twin Buick Dragster.

In 1989 we returned to Southern California and we started a company called RaceLine Productions, Inc. and produced a line of Tees called the Standard 1320 Legend Collection. We quickly found out that our idea was way to early in the market and the company was closed in 1992.

In 1993 I took the Standard 1320 logo that we had Trademarked in 1989 and started Standard 1320 Productions on a purely part time basis. Then in 1996 when people all over the country started using the internet and eMail, I founded the Standard 1320 eGroup with just a few friends like Kent Fuller and Tommy Ivo, and a few more people, I think I considered about 10 people as charter members. Now we have a full blown effort by over 195 racers, car builders, owners, drivers and race fans that are helping to preserve stories and pictures that all of us old timers remember.

I hope you enjoy our web site, please visit our friends on the People & Places Page and don't forget to check out the eMembers page, be sure and "click" on the names that are underlined, cause you'll see some of the great cars they owned, drove or built. Oh, and by the way, there is a Tommy Ivo Twin Buick Tee in the 1320 Store...

As Pat Foster says, "Tip the Can and Sit Low."

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