Laurie & Bentley
September 1998

Since I had never driven a digger before, thought
I would practice doing burnouts at the Rod Shop.
We would put water on the floor in the first bay and
I would get the tires spinning and then shoot out the shop door...
Off to the Races
Laurie's 1st Photo Opp
Phoenix Arizona, October 1998.

This is the second time that I drove the car. This is the first of 2 wheelstands in the same run.
Went about 8 feet in the air both times,
I was able to pedal it down both times without sustaining frame damage.
One of the things remains vividly planted in my brain is the sight of the tree
disappearing and the glint of the front spokes
as the sunlight caught them in a kaleidoscope of color against a deep blue sky.
Yes!!!! This is Good. Wheels Up ~ A Nice Hard Launch
The second pass I made that day resulted in another Wheelstand
that was not so pretty, hard landing resulted in frame damage.

Photo by Buzz Miller
Da' Winner - - - Laurie Falls Over in Disbelief
Up on the Chassis Jig for a little modification.
Note the high tech jig and heated shop that we had to work in.
We did all the repair work ourselves and then had it tig welded.
WHAT'S WITH THE WHEELIE BARS LAURIE???? You were doin' so good too...
Lookin' like Norm Weekly and now...
The Magic Frilly Things Warding off the Evil Nasty Spirits.
They worked....An Emmy
Laurie's best times so far are... a blazing 10.81 at 127 MPH
Ah!!!! Trick Valve Adjustment Tool
Laurie Workin' Late into the Night
Clear until the Next Morning.... Gotta Get Ready for her Match Race
The 1320's Laurie Watts busy making Extra Purple Frilly Things
For the 2000 CHRR Match Race
Race Results Will Be Posted After the CHRR