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Standard 1320 Featured Artists
Building Standard 1320 Style Chassis
This is one bitchin' cage - Looks like the old days
but it exceeds current standards.
Laid back round roll bars, I like that!!!
Certainly not a like the newstalgia stand up driving car
Pete Ogden Chassis
4220 East Blum Road
Martinez CA 94553


Eric Hayes & Fred Vosk are in the process of restoring a famous Kent Fuller Chassis Dragster
known as Vic Hubbard Speed Shop and later Western Manufacturing. We wanted to highlight Eric's work on the Halibrands
that will be on the car. Our own PitCrew Pete Starrett is heavily involved in the restoration.

Eric charges by the hour ... and will only do the best job possible, (he's
only interested in producing Top Quality work) ... he specializes in older (rough condition) stuff ... does Alu, Mag,
Stainless (also straightens stainless), polishes brass, etc. A set of wheels like Pete's (the ones in the Pcx), will run
around $250 (or a little more) per wheel, these were wheels that had never been polished before, were over 35
years old, and were quite oxidized with a fair amount of pitting ... Eric is very honest about his hours ... will give a
rough overall estimate, and let you know if he's approaching it..............Fred Vosk

Here's Eric's Paint Work

Phone Number for an Estimate is 425 827 4898 - State of Washington
or you can eMail Eric @