I was totally shocked when the Standard 1320 eGroup presented me
with this award @ the RCS Dinner @ NHRA's CHRR at Famoso Raceway.
The idea for the award was Std 1320 member Mike Cole's. It has a very special meaning to me
as the award was presented by close friends Kent Fuller, Tommy Ivo & Pat Foster.
Those who know me also know that I'm a dedicated Buick Nailhead fan. The Buick emblem,
and the key, which is a small replica of the Push Bar fabricated by Kent Fuller and used on Tommy Ivo's
Single Buick & Twin Buick Dragsters have a very special meaning to me.
The award was fabricated by Std 1320 Member Pat Foster
Thanks everyone, I will cherish this the rest of my life.

2 - 467" Injected Buick Nailheads - Kent Fuller Chassis
"Everyone has a dream car that they have
always wanted to buy, build or drive,
this is mine."
The car is based on two of my favorite cars
The Stellings & Hampshire Red Stamp Special & Tommy Ivo's Twin Buick
Taken @ COMDEX Las Vegas NV - November 1988
The TRW Sales Crew
Our Best Year @ Comdex -
And the Car had just won the NHRA World Championships