Here's my good buddy, it's amazing that his eyes still work
after using the Flame Cutter this way...don't try this at home kids.

His first Dragster Daddy's Auto Body - Road Kings of Burbank CA
Six 97's & a Buick Nailhead for Power it ran B/GD -1957
Built in his back yard

Fuller's first shop located in Tony Nancy's complex in Sherman Oaks, CA
Moved in Late 1957
These were the days of Drag News -
Between 1957 and 1971 Fuller built over 250 chassis
Here's our guy with his Porsche powered roadster pick-up.
He just restored the car for the third time in's bitchin' true Fuller style.
Here's the first Fuller Chassis that was widely known.
Tommy Ivo's Standard 1320 Record Holding Buick B/GD
Taken @ the 1959 Smoker's Fuel & Gas Championship in Bakersfield, CA
Tom won Top Gas Eliminator against some really stiff competition
Another pcx of "Instant" Ivo and the Fuller Chassis working @ Bakersfield
This car was known for its "Quick Leave" hence the "Instant" nickname for Tom.
Here's the beautiful midnight blue C/GD dragster of Valley Home Service built by Fuller's good friend
Max Belchowski. Max lost interest in the car and Fuller finished the motor mounts and the headers.
The car carried Fuller's name as the Chassis Builder.
Tom McCourry purchased the Daddy's Auto body dragster.
Those headers look very familiar...think he may have bought the ones
off Ivo's Single Buick Dragster?
Here's Fuller making sure the chassis is straight.
Guess he's giving us the sign that it's OKay ... Right!!!
Tony Nancy's AGR - Blown Buick Nailhead - 1960 Riverside Raceway Riverside CA
Photo by Doug Peterson
"Wild" Bill Alexander swapping pedals in the Ernie's Camera Shop Special.
This is Fuller's first car with a round hoop roll-bar. ~ 1960
In late 1959 Ivo & Fuller teamed up again and created Ivo's Twin Buick dragster.
A front pcx of the car...Notice the dent in the Moon Fuel tank. It happen when
Tom hit the top end center clocks in the car's 2nd outing @ Riverside Raceway.
Riverside Raceway has just installed dual clocks...Tom's reaction, "What are they doing there?"
The Fuller Chassis and the Twin Buicks lightin' em up.
The engines produced so much power that Tom quickly learned
that to make quick ETs he had to slip the clutch manually.
Sort of an early version of a slider clutch.
The Twin Buick resides in Don Garlits' Drag Racing Museum in Ocala, Florida
There's a Tee available in the 1320 Store of the Twin Buick
The Magwinder driven by Jack Chrisman, Jack drove the original Sidewinder
and teamed up with Fuller &
This car now resides in Don Garlits' Drag Racing Museum in Ocala Florida
TV Tom and Fuller teamed up for the last time to create Ivo's 4 Buick Dragster
"The Showboat" in 1961.
There's a Tee available in the 1320 Store of the 4 Buick Showboat
Ernie's Camera Shop - 1961 - The Studderbug - Wild Bill Alexander in the seat
The classic Fuller look for the Masters & Richter AA/FD from Northern Calif.
Master, Ricter & Haines
Master, Ricter & Haines
Master, Ricter & Haines
The MagiCart with Fuller demonstrating is driving skills.
Fuller built the MagiCart to ride on two wheels. "The inside of the track was always
rough, so I built the chassis so it would lift the inside wheels on a turn,
I could pass anyone on the inside of corners, won many races."
Tony Nancy's 22Jr. AG/MR Blown Buick Nailhead Built in 1961
A side shot of the Shark Car, check out that fin...
George Bolthoff with his Fuller Chassis Blown Chevy Gas Dragster lifting the wheels @ Lions.
Fuller hung the nick name "Bolt Loose" on George.
One of the most famous Fuller cars of all time is the Greer, Black & Prudhomme A/FD
built in 1962
The GBP Dragster in action at Lions Drag Strip in Long Beach, CA
Kentz Muffler Shop - Injected Belly Button for Power
Taken @ Lions, the Zueschel, Fuller & Prudhomme A/FD - 1962
The ZFP Dragster won Top Eliminator @ the Smokers Fuel & Gas Championship
Roland DeLong's Hawaiian AFD 1964
Stellings & Hampshire S&H Red Stamp Special - One of Fuller's Best
This Kent Fuller Tee is available in the Stanard 1320 Store
Here's our guy @ 29 years old. Pcx taken
when he had his shop in Belmont, CA
Here he is with his Muscle Beach look, must have been "Hot" in the shop that day.
Update 3/10/03
The Sour Sisters Shark Car
I worked with Dusty at C&T automotive in the late 50's. He was doing mechanical work and tuneups
while I was doing motor mounts and crankshafts. I had a shop next door to him later in Northridge.
I built this car for Dusty in late '63 or 1964. Dusty designed the body and Arnie Roberts built it.
The rollbar was shaped to fit the body. Dusty got his feet badly burned and was unable to drive for quite awhile.
While he was recuperating from his burns, his wife would go to the library and get books on old automotive stuff.
He learned a lot about early day engineering and was able to apply it to racing engines.
Don't know what happened to the car. I thought it was pretty and ran good
Don't know the wheelbase, you know I never knew that stuff.
The car was built somewhere between Safford's Shark car and Chuck Griffiths Starlite.
Terrible Ted Gotelli out of South San Francisco
Illustration by Rien Poortvliet from the book titled Gnomes
Used by permission Peacock Press/Bantam Books
The Result... the Pointy Chassis - Here's the Inside of a Fuller Pointy Front-End Chassis
The Original Goldleaf MagicCar - Winkle - Trapp - Fuller 1964
This car is now owned by Bill Pitts near San Diego, CA
The Greek's Magic Car - a Chassis within a Chassis - One was for the Engine
Bev's Steakhouse - Seattle WA
Bev's Steakhouse - One of the "Fuller Pointy Front Ends"
That's Fuller on the sideline watching Bev's Steakhouse do its thing
Bev's Steakhouse sans nose piece
Here's another Pcx of the Ford Bad Boy
Classic Pointy Nose Fuller Chassis - Unblown Unknow John Mitchell
You can't say that Fuller won't try anything...Ice race anyone?
Taken in 1999, here's Fuller today
Seems that Santa Rosa has more Comic Strip Residents than Charles Schultz,
Dale Messick the artist that draws the comic strip Brenda Star, penned this portrait of Fuller.
Fuller's Latest Project - The Fullerliner - Flathead Powered
Stay Tuned...there's more cool Fuller cars coming.