This section of the 1320 website is dedicated to the Pit Passes we hung on
the belt loops of our Levis. It meant that we were there when that new record was set.
We pointed to the article in Drag News written by Bud DeBore and said "I was there!" to our friends.
We stood & cheered when our hero smoke 'em through the lights.
You are encouraged to send a pcx of the Pit Pass you've saved all these years and we'll proundly
display it in this section. must submit a short story about why it's so special.
The 1st drag race I attended was at Colton in 1957.
I saw John Bradley "Mr. Flathead" run 150mph
in his Fuel Flathead dragster "Gene's Brake Shop Special" - Lee...
Colton Pit Pass courtesy of Richard Hernandez