The idea of establishing Drag Racing based on cars that reflect the appearance of a certain period of history is a tough idea to implement. This is mainly due to the cars evolution between the late 1950's to 1971. The idea was to provide a format that covered that 15 year period of time. The following is the result.


Group One

Vintage - 1955 to 1963

Committee Co-Chairs - Lee Schelin - & Doug Peterson -

Group Two

Classic - 1965 to 1967

Committee Chair - Jim Davis -

Group Three

Golden - 1968 to 1971

Committee Chair to Be Established


Each Group will Establish their own Classes and Ground Rules using Drag News Classes as their glide.

Committees for each Group are being formed as of 3/01/03. To join a Committee, please contact the Group Chairperson.

The idea of Standard 1320 Vintage Drag Racing is the result of many people who loved the dragsters that raced before 1963. The Standard 1320 Vintage Group is being developed by the Standard 1320 eGroup for racers who want to build cars that reflect the style of dragsters that competed up to 1963. This means that most cars that are running in Nostalgia Races today will not fit the Vintage format. Either their engine will be too new or their chassis will be too long. The final rules are being written as of January 2003 and input is presently being accepted. Below is a list of ideas and concepts that are being finalized. Submit your input to

The Standard 1320 Vintage Dragsters will have their own class at NHRA's CHRR and ARHRA Races.

Dragsters must reflect the look of dragsters no later than 1963. This means period correct wheels and chassis with the exception of the roll cage which must pass VRA/NHRA standards.



Here's a pcx of a current specs 1960 style Dragster OL' #2 that was built and is owned by Standard 1320 eGroup member Doug Peterson of Lodi CA

OL' #2 has a wheel base of 123"

Here's a few additional examples of a Std 1320 style car with a legal 6 point roll cage. The car below is owned by Standard 1320 eGroup member Tim Conder and the chassis was built by Pete Ogden of Martinez CA and would be in the Standard 1320 Classic Group.









As you can see the cages are tilted back and although they are six point cages, the look is right out of the 1960's



 Here's another view of Tim's dragsters.